Website Shows Green In Beauty Routine Breezy, It's The Modern Girl's Go-To Site for Looking Sassy and Saving the Planet

14 Dec combines tips, tricks, and how to’s on everything girly with a hearty handful of green. Learn not only how to walk in heels at but also see all the latest vegan handbags to match them.

A modern tree hugger’s delight, the site features product reviews for the best in organic skin care, mineral make up, healthy hair care products, eco chic organic clothing, and earth friendly, animal friendly accessories. Linger on the site to learn the difference between waxing and shaving, the secrets to great skin, the one make up trick every woman should know, how to shape your brows, and much more. This is a guide for women of all ages, for every occasion. Red Lips Green Heart shows you how to find a bra that really fits, how to change your makeup as you age, the perfect jeans for you body type, AND easy ways to conserve water, and how recycling your toothbrush can help save the earth.

Red Lips Green Heart is of the school that going green doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice your style and look like a granola-y hippie. Small changes, quick fixes and simple solutions all add up to make a big difference. even has a home green home section, where you can check out all the latest in green home décor, from organic cotton throw pillows to bamboo sheets to eco timber patio furniture.

“I’ve learned so many new beauty secrets from Red Lips,” notes Kaitlyn Cushman, an avid visitor of the site. “I came for makeup tips but was really struck by all the green points. I had no idea how many simple things I could do in my routine that would help the environment.”

Topics covered include skin care, hair care, makeup, clothes and accessories with green tips and organic products throughout. With its fun writing style and user-friendly design, is a site that will be referred to often and shared with friends. It was designed for the girl who not only wants to find her signature shade of red lipstick, but also wants it to be from a company that aligns with her green values and lifestyle.& Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the nbsp;

“As an esthetician, I was amazed at how many women, of all ages, would ask me about beauty basics, tips and tricks. They would whisper their questions, as if they were ashamed to not already know! Even the girliest girls had questions.” Says Natalie Yonan, creator of Red Lips Green Heart. “Combining all my experience with my passion for the environment was a ‘natural choice'” she laughs, “sharing it with everyone is the fun part!”

The site features a wide variety of beauty and fashion information, in a fun and easy to use format, with tips to make going green a breeze. There is also a “great gift ideas” category for green, affordable gift ideas for the holidays and year round. Covering all those topics and more, is the modern girl’s go-to site for looking her sassiest and saving the planet at the same time.



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