Public Learns to Love Curves

14 Dec

Real woman are showing up everywhere these days, in Dove skin lotion?抯 new ad campaign, in Nike ads celebrating “big butts” and “thunder thighs” and in Learning Curves, a new novel from author Cindi Myers.

In Learning Curves, (Harlequin Signature Select, October 2005) Myers explores the challenge of women loving their bodies. Her heroine, Shelly Piper, is a size 12 reporter in the size two world of television news broadcasting who?抯 determined to prove size doesn?抰 matter.

It?抯 a timely topic, given that The National Organization of Women has designated October 19 as Love Your Body day. The holiday is part of a Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the campaign to convince advertisers and media to present more realistic and positive images of women ??images like those found in the Dove and Nike ads.

Real women everywhere, while applauding the idea behind accepting their bodies as they are may find, like Shelly Piper, that it takes more than pep talks and affirmations to go against the tide of “thinner is better” messages epitomized by the wave of alarmingly thin starlets such as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman, and those Desperate Housewives of Wysteria Lane, none of whom approaches the size 12 figure that?抯 the national average for American women.

“Shelly?抯 struggles in Learning Curves are the struggles a lot of women face,” Myers says. “Struggles to hang on to her self-confidence, to have the courage to be a little different, to figure out what really matters to her.”

Myers wrote the book after seeing a series of diet plan ads in which a size 12 woman bragged about reducing down to a size 4. “I kept staring at her and thinking how great she looked as a size 12. Why did she feel the need to starve herself down to a size 4? So I decided to write about a size 12 woman who learned to be happy and successful without losing weight. Someone who could be a heroine for real women.”

Advertisers are counting on those same real women to sell skin lotion and athletic gear and perhaps in the future even more products. Myers doubts the day of the thin supermodel is over, any more than she sees thin and gorgeous heroines disappearing from novels. “But I think there?抯 room for a little more variety, in the pages of books and magazines and on television screens,” she says. “One size fits all never worked for clothes, so why should it work for entertainment?”

Learning Curves received a starred review in Publisher?抯 Weekly, which praised the book for its “true-to-life sympathetic characters.” For more information and an online press kit, visit

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