From Boardroom to Burp Cloths – can you Really Balance Baby and Business Without Stress, Overwhelm and Mommy Guilt?

8 Dec

worldwide! A new concept in parenting education has new parents signing up in droves online with leading Australian baby care author and Mommy Mentor, Pinky McKay.

““Balancing Baby and Business” is the next in a teleseminar series that will be hitting ipods and computer speakers world wide, this month (launching with a free call on 19t women’s jackets h May)
Based on the success of previous teleseminars, Pinky says that this one may be the most popular, because it’s aimed particularly at mothers who juggle the work/mothering balance.

In the past, Pinky’s had calls from countries as diverse as Japan, Sweden, France, The United States, and Australia. She says that “in this day and age of mothers ‘wanting it all,’ they are constantly searching for support and guidance. It’s all too easy for mothers to judge themselves harshly for not being yummy mummies with an impeccable home, contented baby, compliant children, doting partner and successful career – just like in the glossy mags!

They keep trying to balance on the speeding treadmill as they become everything to everybody, juggling more and more balls in the air as they meet everybody’s needs except their own. It’s time to stop that merry-go-round and get off!”

Women or couples listen to the teleseminars when they choose to, on their computer or ipod, and can hear carefully selected professionals speaking to them without even leaving their own home, finding baby sitters or getting out of their pyjamas.

“Although women do all sorts of professional development for a paid career, and possibly loads of personal development as a mother by reading parenting information and attending classes, from how to birth a baby to how to encourage a child’s development, including any number of lessons for their littlies (swimming, music, gym), they rarely do any personal development for themselves as a mother and a woman!”

“There are women all over the world searching for answers to the dilemma of balancing baby and business. What they really need are strategies and guidance on how to find what balance works best in their family.”



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