How-To Videos Get Sexy at Newly Launched

7 Dec

Unshrinking clothes, replacing a kitchen faucet, and other do-it-yourself tasks just got sexier with the launch of, Where How-To Gets Sexy. This new website showcases some of the internets most attractive women tackling a variety of everyday repairs in high-quality, educational, and eye-catching how-to videos.

We are focused on further developing this new and creative platform, which will provide a strong avenue for advertisers while maintaining a fun and informative experience for our viewers. said Alex Merriman, Founder and CEO of EyeHandy, LLC is unlike any other how-to site on the Internet. Currently featuring 15 how-to videos from lingerie-wrapped Julia demonstrating How-To Wax a Snowboard to Ash women’s coats ley in her turquoise and black lingerie providing direction on How-To Build a Cyclorama Photo Studio. The creators of will be adding one new how-to video to the site every week.

Visitors to the site will find videos on a wide variety of subjects, all produced in high-definition. The videos and their hostesses are presented in a tasteful manner, with an emphasis on providing viewers informative, professional content in the most appealing way possible.

Now 26 years old,’s Founder and CEO Alex Merriman has worked behind the camera since an early age, producing videos for companies around the country. Originally from Redondo Beach, CA, he now resides in the city of Las Vegas producing all the video content on from the ground up. Gaining most of his knowledge about computers and video production through books and how-to videos, he knew there had to be a higher quality and more engaging teaching approach. This new approach would bring EyeHandy, LLC to the forefront of the web.

In January 2011, Merriman brought on Mukundh Pandian as EyeHandy’s Chief Operating Officer. Due to Pandian’s tremendous entrepreneurial and website design experience, Merriman knew the formed partnership was essential. In addition to Pandian’s work with start-ups, he has worked at a Fortune 500 company for several years in an engineering and project management role. His wide range of experience and technical skill set make him a valuable asset to

In addition to being posted on, videos will be available for subscription and download on iTunes, Blip.TV, and YouTube. Advertisers will also have the opportunity to feature their products in videos. Interested parties can e-mail advertise(at)eyehandy(dot)com.

For more information on how-to projects taught by beautiful women, start watching EyeHandy.coms videos online now at



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