Copycat Fashions Launches a Purrrrfect Solution for Women Who Want Designer Custom Fashions at an Affordable Price

4 Dec

New York’s Fashion week is here again and Copycat Fashions ( is pleased to announce the launch of their premier site offering women the ability to upload images of garments they want to have made or remade at a cost that will not break the purse!

Copycat Fashions grew out of the need to offer women American made, high end garments at lower prices. According to the Head Designer and Co-Owner, Denise Lasprogata, “After the recession hit, women were coming to my studio off of Park Avenue asking me to make them multiples of old designer pieces they owned or would even bring me tear sheets from high end retailers’ catalogs asking if I could make something similar at a fraction of the cost. Word of mouth spread as I never advertised this service and month after month more women came knocking on my door armed with clothing to remake in various colors and with changes to the design. While these women were relatively well off “Park Avenue Ladies”, they were not willing to spend what they used to. It appeared as though the consumer finally caught on that yes, the retail mark-up was breaking their purses and they were smart enough to seek out another means to get similar clothing items for less.”

After several years of not only designing her own collection, but also developing a thriving business of redesigning and making clothing for women from tear sheets, magazine clippings and also original clothing women wished to women’s coats have remade, Lasprogata linked up with her partner, Chad Phillips to extend this service online. The designer claims, “It is a financially sound solution for women who know what they want as most of my women do, but also do not want to spend an arm and a leg getting it. Now women can request the color they want, select fabrics and make style changes as well. For example, I have had women tell me they want to remake a sleeveless blouse into one with sleeves to hide their upper arm or that red is a much better color on them so they want to change the garment color. After all, the fashion minded woman has her own eye and it is important to adhere to the customer’s wishes.”

So exactly how does Copycat Fashions work? To begin, the site has a few options and is easy to navigate. Consumers simply upload images of garments they want made. These can be images of garments from runway shows, magazines, catalogs, or for instance even a look they saw on the streets of Milan or Paris. After Copycat Fashions receives the images, the team reviews the cut and fabric option and sends back a quote for production. If the consumer agrees to the price, then the team goes to work. On average, they offer 30-50% off original garment prices. A second option is to submit pictures of a garment that one wishes to have remade. It could be that perfect dress that has been “worn out” too much or a pant with a perfect fit. Again, the team sends a quote for the item and if accepted by the consumer, they are asked to mail the original to the Copycat office on Madison Avenue. Finally, Copycat Fashions has an online design studio where women can customize their own garment. Each month Copycats Designer creates a new look for women to “play with” allowing them to add sleeves and collars as well as select shape and fabrics.

The Copycat Fashions team prides themselves on the fact that all production is done right here in New York City. While both owners are originally from Philadelphia and have both studied and worked in Rome, Italy, it is here in New York that they operate Copycat Fashions making American made fashions for the American woman!

For more information, please visit the Copycat Fashions website at



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