Threading a Path Out of Poverty

1 Dec

When her new sewing machine was delivered to her today, Ramulama knew her three daughters would no longer go hungry. Neighbors celebrated with the single mother as she sat down to try-out the foot pump that will power her new small business.

The seamstress work Ramulama will receive in her poor fishing village on the east coast of India, will provide enough money so she and her family can continue to live in their small hut, and afford to buy food. The 37 year old mother has been in a desperate situation since her husband died in a fishing accident almost four years ago.

This year, Childrens Hope International Foundation donors have given 17 struggling mothers like Ramulama, training, start-up materials, and sewing machines so they could start a business. Most of these women had never attended school, yet became their families only provider be women’s coats cause of abandonment or the tragic loss of their husbands.

Through Mission to the Nations in Kakinada, the mothers receive a free nine month sewing course. They learn 76 different decorative stitches and become proficient at sewing children clothes, blouses, punjabi dresses and frocks. But the womens financial independence doesnt begin until the tools of their trade are donated and delivered to their village.

Once open for business, Ramulama will make about 100 to 150 Rupees ($2 to $3) per day. In this slum village, that income is a difference maker.

All the villagers who know of her deep poverty are now happy to see she can make a good living, said Pastor Paparao Yeluchuri, Mission to the Nations.

That is why Ramulama had a broad smile when her sewing machine arrived today; she is now an independent business woman, sewing her way out of poverty.

Childrens Hope International provides hope for international orphans and children living in poverty through education, sustainable nutrition, safe drinking water, international adoption, and medical care; impacting the lives of thousands in China, Ethiopia, Colombia, Russia, Vietnam and India.


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