Zoyoko.com, the Premiere European Designer e-Boutique and Social Networking Site for Mums-To-Be Launches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with Must Have Styles from Eva Alexander Maternity

29 Nov

When a woman is looking for a first class shopping experience during her pregnancy she goes to Zoyoko.com. There are very few places where a woman will find such a beautifully hand-picked selection of stylish maternity clothes. With a moto of Zit goed, voelt goed, doet goed or lightly translated, Look good, feel good, do good, Zoyoko only carries certain maternity wear brands that are well known for their stylish designs and excellent quality. The blending of each labels personality creates those perfect looks for every mum-to-be.

Women have never looked so sexy yet subtly sophisticated in a manner that is quintessentially European during their pregnancies. Featuring designer maternity clothes from some of the most sought after collections, Zoyoko.com carries an enviable selection of maternity dresses, maternity tops, maternity trousers, maternity skirts and a versatile and very stylish range of maternity office wear. Selected in a beautiful palette of colours, how could a woman not look and feel chic & stylish during their maternity.

When asked why they chose Eva Alexander as one of their primary labels, Mr. De Coninck and Ms. Wymeersch stated, Their maternity clothes are just so elegant and stylish, and the quality is outstanding. Not to mention that within the first 24 hours of our [Dutch] launch, we received a message And they have EVA ALEXANDER?!! I should be pregnant again…, If our customers like Eva Alexander, we love Eva Alexander.

Zoyoko.com is the creation of Tim De Coninck and Sofie Wymeersch an internet genius combined with the talents of a visionary and inspirational stylist where designer shopping has become ingeniously intertwined with a social network made for expecting women around Europe. Where else is it that a woman can chat with her friends, get advice for her toddler and shop designer brands for her current pregnancy? Zoyoko also has a number of talented and experienced mamassadors that engage with the women in different geographical locations to offer them style advice, excellent customer service, and connect women throughout their network with similar issues and questions. True friendships develop and grow from women who meet through the Zoyoko network because it is a unique time in a womans life when there is a quite significant change from pregnancy to motherhood says Mr. De Coninck.

With a moto of look good, feel good, do good Mr. De Coninck and Ms. Wymeersch, similar to the principles of Eva Alexander, believe that a company should also be professionally and socially responsible. We want to do the right thing because it is important to help other people and we hope to contribute with our mamassador service as well as by offering clients to send back their clothes that we will then share with the two charity organizations that we are collaborating with. states Ms. Wymeersch.

Eva Alexander launched its online maternity wear shop at http://www.eva-alexander.com in January of 2011, and has quickly become one of the trendsetters in maternity wear fashion. The creation of stylish maternity wear designs that combine figure flattering silhouettes, modern lines and smart tailoring with luxury fabrics, distinctive detail and quality workmanship has been received with rave reviews. Well known for their maternity work wear, stunning maternity occasion wear, and versatile must have essentials, Eva Alexander has clientele that ranges from professionals and executives to style savvy fashionistas and a celebrity following that includes the likes of Sienna Miller. With three iconic collections that are inspir women’s jackets ing, innovative and bold: Essentials, The Office and Twilight Beauty, Eva Alexander has been embraced internationally and continues to dress women fashionably for every occasion during her pregnancy.


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