Nail Polish Colors for the Summer Months

20 Nov

The summer months are a great time to go wild with hot, new nail polish colors. Your nails can be as free and funky as you like.? During the summer, you can also stick with some more traditional colors.? Each season has hot trends for nail polish color as well.? This year some of the hottest nail polish colors for the summer months are pinks, blues, and the ever-popular French manicures.


Summer Pinks – Hot and Crazy

This summer, electric pink is one of the hottest nail polish colors being used. This fluorescent pink alternative is a trend that dates back to the 1980’s, and has made its way for a big comeback. Most summer pink nail polishes will dry in a very dull matte finish, but can be quickly remedied with a good top coat.

Pink nail polish can really showcase your nails during the summer months and bring about a “wow” reaction from anyone who glances your way.? Even though pink is back for the summer months, straight pink is not the only option.? Pinkish-purple shades of nail polish are also perfect for the summer months.? Crisp pastels and rich sh fashion coats online ades really bring out your nails and can be the perfect complement to any summer tan.

Summer Blues – Don’t be Sad

Summer blues?? We are not talking about a humdrum mood; we are talking about bold blue nail polish colors, which are great for summertime.? Blue nail polishes are deep, sexy, and vibrantly young.? The hottest blue shade for nail polish this summer is navy blue, a traditional color that is making a big statement. If navy blue is too dark for you, try a tropical blue shade instead.? All summer long you will be lapping up the waves of the deep blue sea, so it is a perfect trend for your nail color.

Do not be afraid to try the bold color of blue for your nail polish this summer.? No matter what your skin tone is, you can definitely pull it off.? If you are not too sure about blue fingernails, you cannot go wrong trying it out on your toes.? Blue toenails are perfectly complemented by a traditional French manicure on the fingers or a subtle summer pink.

The French Manicure

During the summer months, a French manicure is always a safe bet.? It is simple, chic, and classic.? The French manicure is a very popular nail choice and allows for a very fresh look and feel.? It can work during the day or night and goes great with your favorite bikini at the beach as well as a beautiful gown at a summer wedding.? However, if you are doing your own French manicure at home, be sure to use a topcoat that does not yellow in the sun.

If you want the classic look of a French manicure but also a little fun, ask your nail technician to add a little subtle nail art.? The idea of nail art should not scare you.? You could go for a thin line of sparkly color along the tips where the white and pink meet (known as the smile line).? Or, instead of choosing the subtle pink color for the base perhaps you could choose a glittery pink to liven up the manicure.


Summer Alternatives – The Metallics

Even though you cannot go wrong with a French manicure during the summer months, you may want to push the envelope a little further.? If pink and blue are not trendy enough for you, think about metallic hues for your fingers and toes.? Just as with the hot pinks coming back in style, metallic nail polish colors are as well. ??

This summer, give silver, gold, and bronze nail polish a try.? You have seen both nail colors on celebrities making their way down the red carpets this winter and the trend is not leaving for the summer months either.? Metallic nail polish colors are considered neutrals and can go perfectly with any outfit – day or night.? Let your nails shine on the shimmering sand!

Just Remember

It is important to remember that the summertime is a few months a year in which you can have fun in the sun.? It is a time to let loose and have a good time, so your choices in nail polish colors, make-up, and clothing should all reflect this.? The summer is the perfect time to experiment with trends that you wouldn’t normally try in the winter!? Go ahead, and let loose!



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