Never Forget You

13 Jul


I know, an outfit post shot in a room.Don’t get noisy just yet, I have a reason. Tomorrow I’m leaving in a trip I have always dreamed of: I’m visiting Tuscany! It’s a car trip so I will also see a glimpse of Ljubljana and I will also visit Pisa , Siena and the little villages famous for their wines. The main attraction will be Florence though and I have more than a week to explore it! I have never been so happy in my entire life! Wien, Prague and Budapest, they were all special and unique but I feel that I am more mature now and that I’m able to apreciate the art work at a whole different level.

To be honest, I’m so ecstatic about Florence because ‘The agony and the Ecstasy’, the biography of the great genius Michelangelo, written by Irving Stone is one of my favourite books. For those who haven’t read it, most of the action takes place in Florence and it meticulously describes all the paths, the statues and the paintings of those times. I can’t wait to actually see the masterpieces at the Uffizi Gallery , the Pitti Palace and the Florence Baptistery with its ‘gates of Paradise‘(Michelangelo). It’s not just the arhitecture I am interested in but also the parks, the countryside and their famous meal courses. I want to have how much gelato I can there haha.
I’m still packing like crazy (trying to not take so many clothes with me!) and I found this beautiful SheInsidedress in my closet so I thought I should remind you about the incredible giveaway as I won’t be able to update the social networks so often. And don’t worry, just as the title of the song says , I won’t forget about you! I’ll try to post regularly, I have my laptop, camera etc. with me.
Okay, I’ll get back to my suitcase now, stay fashionable!



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