3 Jul
Let me start off on how amazing the prints on this piece are! They remind me so much of vintage Versace prints don’t you think? Not to mention the amazing color combination on this one which totally compliments my skin tone. HA!
And instead of just tucking it in like the protocol way of styling your silky blouses I tied mine into a knot to make it look relaxed and laid back. Since I was off to a Spa Party I figured I might as well go to Resort wear/styling for the day.
Based on my post you’d know that the center point of this whole look would have to be my top. . I figured dresses aren’t always appropriate in all occasions. I can’t just wear a dress to every event I go to! haha Thus the great decision on investing on classic tops. After a few years from now I can still totally see myself wearing this piece and even passing it down to future generations! haha Okay.. thinking way too far a long here. But seriously, when I’m in my mid 30’s you’d definitely spot me with this same top!
Here’s to hoping I pick more timeless pieces over trendy ones!
(Okay… despite printed scarf print tops being a present trend but I guess it has become a classic fashion staple too.. haha You guys get the idea! I will stop now… -.-)

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