Machu Picchu

30 May

I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat and flem (phleghm? pleghm? what?) lodged up all up inside. Gross, huh? 😉 I still had to do a lot of things for Miracle Eye today regardless of the fact that I was dying. Life of a business owner sure is totally great.. tote-ally. totes. After running 23849723984ioerjqwlkefj (letters mixed with numbers are a unit of measurement, yes) necessary errands today, I got home and watched seasons 4-6 of Dexter all over again. Tons of ice cream, and tons of blood involved — My two favorite things, yay! Now that we’re on the topic of blood, my dad underwent a procedure a few days ago and is finally getting better. He is really strong, and seeing him go through so much pain was really difficult for me. I finally got some sleep, but I was really worried and just overall despondent. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day. PS this song is literally the best thing on Earth, aside from cheese, duh. OH AND DUDEZ, PARTICULARLY *AMERICAN* DUDES WITH CABLE, NEW WORKAHOLICS TONIGHT. Tune in, it’s on Comedy Central. I will be politely asking my rabbit Panchita to leave the room as I’ll be making babies during the commercials. Luv u Blake (I know ur reading this bcuz u secretly luv me even tho u deny my existence on twitter.. regardless, here’s a kiss.. *muah* can’t wait to see u on my televishun tonite)

Sunglasses – coming soon to Miracle Eye!
Mesh daisy skirt – coming soon to Miracle Eye!
Vintage khaki Mustang jacketRepose at the Melrose Trading Post
White crochet top – from my local thrifty
Creepers – eBay
Necklaces – Etsy and the Melrose Trading Post
Boy London bracelet – Miracle Eye
Surplus bag – Downtown

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