If I Was From Paris

16 May
Striped Shirt, Pearl Jewelry: Thrifted.
Navy Pants: Forever21.
Red Flats, Red Beret: Target.
Charm Bracelet: c/o Cutey.
Hello everyone!
How are you all…? I feel in a much better mood than I have been this past week. Maybe it’s the sunshine. Maybe it’s the fact that I have 7 days of high school left. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m wearing a beret and red lipstick; my two favorite things in the world. Or maybe it’s all of them combined.
Anyways I took my picture for my senior superlative award of Best Dressed today. Ahh, disaster just like I predicted. I don’t understand how I can take thousands of pictures for this blog for two and a half years and then totally freeze in front of the camera for one measly yearbook/newspaper photo. Sigh, forever awkward will I be. Let’s hope this awkwardness wears off in college!
With much love, Lauren.

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