Poison and Wine

3 May

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 zara, skirt: vintage, thrifted, wedges: target, cardigan: my mom’s, purse: estate sale
Well hey there! Errgggg I always feel annoyed with myself when I don’t blog on days that I normally blog on. Sunday I just wasn’t feeling in the mood, and Monday was Nat’s birthday so I was with him all day. But still! I enjoy my little features and don’t like it when I don’t do them. 😦 Well, I have just a few photos today that my mom helped me take. It was so chilly when we were doing it! I’m so sick of wind. Get me to a place that has no wind. Pronto.

Guess what?? I finally made a sponsor page! You might have seen it up with all the other links, but if not, take a gander! I would like to try this out and see if anyone is interested. Maybe let me know what you think of the page; if everything is straight forward, etc! Anything would be helpful. 🙂 Have a nice evening, lovelies! xx

currently listening to… The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine

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