A Bit 60’s-tastic

24 Apr

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This outfit is actually from this very day! Surprise! I had a presentation about media in the Vietnam War era so I figured a late 60’s-inspired outfit would be appropriate. I tend to be like, “yeah inspiration from a certain era!” and then I end up in a costume. But I liked this outfit very much and I especially liked that I could wear tights in late April.

skirt, belt: thrifted
blouse: delia*s
cardigan: so…; kohls
tights: kmart
shoes: vintage; thrifted
scarf: really a belt from a pair of forever 21 shorts

I went with the cat eye liner that I like to do, but I just played up my eyes more with shadows and whatnot. Then I had to have a nude lip, of course!
I thrifted my vintage shoes over spring break for something like $3.50. They’re even real leather.
Now that I’ve procrastinated by blogging, I have to get started on actual school work. It’s my last full week of classes. Sad. Except not really because I’m sick of this semester!
Happy Monday everyone!

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